Mike Brey says, ‘Don’t blame Notre Dame’

Interesting article on Zagsblog in which Notre Dame coach Mike Brey responds to comments from Jim Boeheim that Notre Dame is (partly) to blame for the issues with the Big East.  Brey refers to it as a cheap shot.

The problem is, Boeheim is right.

Boeheim’s statement:

“If Notre Dame wanted to save the Big East, they could have joined in 2004 and we wouldn’t be having these discussions today.  But they didn’t want to.”

In 2004, when this entire mess started with the ACC raid on the Big East, Notre Dame had a chance to stop it from happening.  Had Notre Dame joined the Big East in football, Miami would have stayed, and then Virginia Tech and Boston College would have stayed.  Miami at the time was the big prize.

But Notre Dame decided to stay independent, and the realignment started.

Brey evidently didn’t listen to or read carefully what Boeheim said, because his (Brey’s) comments all had to do with the more recent events, with Syracuse and Pitt deciding to leave the Big East for the ACC.

Of course, Notre Dame had another chance in the last year to save the Big East by joining as a football member, and they never stepped up to the plate.

I’m already on record as blaming Notre Dame in part for the defections in 2004, and for the further instability starting in the past year.  I’m also on record saying the Big East should have kicked Notre Dame out unless they joined as a full member, and forced their hand.  As a so-called “basketball-only’ school, Notre Dame is part of what makes the Big East unwieldy, and contributes nothing to the stability.  Kicking them out would have made it easier to invite another school in as a full member without having too many basketball programs.

Notre Dame will wait until it sees that that the Big East is on the verge of collapsing, then will escape like a rat from a sinking ship.  The Fighting Irish will end up either in the Big Ten or the ACC, but only if they include their football program.  In the end, Notre Dame’s stubbornness will cost the Big East dearly, but the league has done nothing to help itself.  Regardless, Brey needs to get off of his pedestal.

Zagsblog story appears here:




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