Jeremy Lamb Making A Name for Himself

Jeremy Lamb is lighting up the FIBA U19 World Championships.

Yesterday he let the US team with 35 points, hitting the game winner over Lithuania with less than 2 seconds remaining.

In today’s 87-85 loss to Croatia, Lamb again led the U.S. team with 25 points.  Regardless, the U.S. team is heading to the quarterfinals.

This is all good news for the Huskies, who will need Lamb to step up and become a go-to player on next year’s team.  Lamb showed in the NCAA championship run that he could be a strong complementary player; now he is proving that he’s capable of being ‘The guy’.

Another thing to consider: Success breeds success.  Lamb played his way onto this team with his strong showing in the tournament last season.  Now he’s gaining the benefit of playing with and against top flight competition, gaining additional coaching, and just getting to play more basketball.  If you ever wonder why the great programs are able to sustain success year after year, consider this: By making a long run through the Big East and NCAA tournaments, the Huskies probably played 10 games more than they might have otherwise.  That’s 10 extra games of experience — that adds up over a couple of seasons.  In addition, the great programs seem to always have players in these types of tournaments.  Kemba Walker, of course, played in the USA Select team last summer as well as the U18 team a couple of years earlier.  In particular, last year’s participation gave him the experience of practicing against older, more experienced players and was a precursor to his outstanding senior season.  Lamb’s participation this year is only going to help prepare him for an outstanding sophomore season.


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