Cnnsi’s Luke Winn credits the Huskies with great defense in title game

Luke Winn of performed a comprehensive review of UConn’s championship win over the Butler Bulldogs, and, contrary to the conclusions drawn by most of his colleagues, not to mention most of America, concludes that Butler’s shooting woes were the result of outstanding UConn defense.

Winn went back and reviewed the tape of the game multiple times, charting each Butler shot attempt, and comparing the possessions against those from two of Butler’s previous tournament wins.  He concludes that the primary aspect of Butler’s shooting woes was  UConn’s defense.

Regards of your own opinion on the topic, Winn should be applauded for his efforts.  To the best of my recollection, he is the only journalist who went back and reviewed the tape, rather than just taking pot shots at Butler for a horrendous shooting night yet not crediting the UConn defense.

Personally, though I fall in the camp of “haven’t watched the game again”, I’ve thought that the Huskies have been given too little credit for their defense against Butler — I thought it was an outstanding defensive effort.

Winn’s article appears here.


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