Kemba makes it official; heading to NBA

Despite my irrational hopes that Kemba Walker would decide to return for his senior year and give the Huskies a solid chance to repeat, Walker today announced that he is heading to the NBA, saying “There’s no chance that I’m coming back.”

I’ll leave the reporting of Walker’s career stats to other sites.  Suffice it to say that Kemba Walker was one of the all-time Huskies’ greats.  In addition to his personal statistics, Walker, more so even than Richard Hamilton or Emeka Okafor, put the Huskies on his back and led them to the National Championship.  I will never claim that Walker didn’t get support from his teammates, but the team that he led to the championship doesn’t compare to the previous UConn title winners, if only in terms of experience.

I had to laugh today at the first story that I read about Kemba Walker’s decision — it listed him as a 6’2″ guard.  He’s listed everywhere else as 6’1″, and I doubt that he’s more than 5’11”.  But now that he’s declared, he’s growing in stature — literally!

I wish Kemba Walker great success in his professional career — he’s been a great player, and true Husky, and a class individual at Connecticut.  Best of luck, Kemba!


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