Another post Championship thought…

I missed one comment in my post Championship thoughts the other day…

It was this comment by Alex Oriakhi after the game:

“I didn’t think there was anybody out there that could really guard me.”

This was similar to a comment he made after the Texas game, the game in which he posted 11 points and pulled down 21 rebounds.

Admittedly, Oriakhi had the best shooting night of any of the Huskies in the Championship game — really, anyone that played — going 5-6 from the field.  And there is a lot to like about his game — he’s a beast of a rebounder, and a decent shot blocker.  But unstoppable on offense he’s not.  He has virtually no moves at this point in his career, though he’s starting to show off a hook shot and a short range jumper.  But I still cringe every time the ball goes into him in the post, when he starts with his back to the basket.

The moves will come — UConn has never really had a post player come in with a complete game, but they’ve all improved, including Emeka Okafor, Hasheem Thabeet, Jake Voskuhl, Travis Knight, and the player that Oriakhi reminds me most of, Rod Sellers.  And compared with Okafor, Thabeet and Josh Boone, Oriakhi is already at the head of the class in free throw shooting.

But believing that “nobody can guard me” — that’s a bit much.

Finally, thanks to Hunter for pointing out the the Huskies’ Championship hats are at least as ugly as the T-Shirts that I mentioned in the earlier post…


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