UConn down at the half, 22-19, in foul trouble

What an ugly game so far.  Neither team can shoot, both teams playing hard on defense.

UConn has been in foul trouble most of the game.  Oriakhi sat a good part of the first half with two fouls, and was joined by Jeremy Lamb, and later by Kemba Walker.  The lineup at the end of the first half was: Napier, Beverly, Smith, Okwandu, and Giffey — not sure where the scoring was going to come from.

Matt Howard drew two critical charges in the last couple of the minutes. The first put Kemba Walker on the bench with 2 fouls.  I don’t know — I thought Howard slid in under him.  He got away with one earlier in the game when Walker drove around him — I thought he got quite a bit of body on Walker as he went by.  I also think he sets a lot of moving picks, and sticks his knee out when he sets picks.

Stigall for Butler has knocked down 2 long threes, despite being about a 31% shooter.  Shelvin Mack is starting to heat up, with two 3’s, including a long 3 at the end of the first half.

Butler has looked quicker, more disciplined, and has committed only 6 fouls.

The Huskies have committed 7 turnovers, including at least two baseline inbounds passes that have been thrown away.

If UConn starts slowly in the second half, as has been the case, they are in serious, serious trouble.  Walker and Lamb really need to take over this game.

The best thing they have going for them is that Oriakhi, Lamb and Walker ought to be rested after sitting during the first half.  And at least the game didn’t get away from them.


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