Duke loses; UConn will take on Arizona in Elite Eight

Wow!  Incredibly, Duke just lost to Arizona by a final score of 93-77.  The Wildcats absolutely ran away in the second half, outscoring Duke 55-33.

I have to say, I’ve thought that Duke was overrated all along — you don’t lose Jon Scheyer, Brian Zoubek and Lance Thomas, and expect to get better — but everyone seemed to think they were even better this year.  Frankly, I didn’t think they were the best team last year — they benefited from a weak draw, and things seemed to fall their way — but it’s hard to knock a team that wins the championship.  I just didn’t think they were the best, and I thought they were down a bit this year, especially when Kyrie Irving went out.  They didn’t play an exceptional out of conference schedule, were pasted by St. John’s on the road (something they had in common with UConn), and didn’t have a lot of stellar competition in the ACC.

Having said all that, I thought the Blue Devils would beat Arizona, and I’m not sure that I would have like the individual matchups against the Huskies.

Arizona is a very good team, and the game against UConn should be outstanding.  Two young teams, and Derrick Williams, who went for 32 tonight, against Kemba Walker, who scored 36 for UConn.  Wow!


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