Ryan Boatright scores 55

Who says UConn recruiting is down?

Most of what I’ve read on message boards over the last few months said that Jim Calhoun had lost his ability to recruit.  Certainly, the publicized rankings of the incoming players suggested that the class was lower ranked than usual.

It didn’t help when highly regarded recruit Maurice Harkless, who had verbally committed, ditched the Huskies.  And the whispers of negative recruiting tactics applied against the Huskies suggested to many that the Huskies would have difficulty getting back over the hump.

Fast forward to this season. The 2010-2011 Huskies are off to a flying start, in part because of the play of freshman Shabazz Napier, Niels Giffey, Jeremy Lamb and Roscoe Smith. While not spectacular, they have each contributed to the Huskies’ 5-0 start, including the latest two wins over #2 Michigan State and #8 Kentucky.

Now comes news that 2011 UConn recruit Ryan Boatright scored 55 points in a high school, to go with 10 rebounds and 10 steals. Yes, it’s a high school game, but when was the last time that a Huskies recruit showed that much scoring potential?  It was probably Denham Brown, who once scored 111 points in a game.

The best part about Boatright’s scoring outburst is that he outscored highly touted Duke recruit Austin Rivers, who ‘only’ scored 46 points — and no, they didn’t play against each other.  Of course, the headline still went to Rivers…



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