Obama injured in pickup game; receives 12 stitches

President Obama received 12 stitches today for a cut he suffered to his lower lip playing in a game of pickup basketball.


Rumors that the injury was inflicted by current Obama aide and former Duke basketball player Reggie Love are believed to be false, but were no doubt aided by reports that in the process of fouling the President, the unidentified player flopped, drew a charge on Obama, then slapped the logo at center court. (Had the foul been inflicted by Christian Laettner, Obama would not doubt also be suspended from pickup games for injuring Laettner’s elbow.)

Further reports that Mike Krzyzewski called up to yell at the officials, “You cost us the game!” are mostly likely not true.

On the topic of Reggie Love, am I the only one sick of hearing how he worked his way up from the mailroom to being Obama’s personal assistant in one year?  I even read today that he made less than $30,000 in his first year of working for Obama.  Oh, the horror!  Does anyone believe that he was actually hired to work in the mailroom?  I’m sure that his basketball skills and fame at having played for Duke had something to do with his being hired.

I’m sick of these ‘worked his way up from mailroom’ stories in general.  There’s a similar story about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who sent 40 letters to NFL headquarters looking for a job, only to receive 40 rejections, before finally getting hired as an intern.  The rags-to-riches story about Goodell seems to omit the fact that his father was a former Congressman and U.S. Senator from New York.

The real Obama story appears here:



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