Ater Majok was forced out of UConn

While UConn fans and foes alike wait for the university to publish excerpts of the response to the NCAA allegations (Why does it take 3 weeks to review and cross out names for privacy reasons? And what happened to the deadline for releasing the information supposedly required by the Freedom of Information Act?), now comes a report from Dave Borges of the New Haven Register stating that Ater Majok was forced out from UConn — he didn’t make the decision to leave on his own, to pursue a professional career.  He is pursuing a professional career, but not by choice, and he’s already missed the start of most European Pro seasons.

When it was first announced that Majok was leaving, I suggested that perhaps he was caught up in the NCAA investigation, and perhaps the Huskies were cutting their ties to minimize the damage.  Not to take credit for the idea; it was suggested in a couple of comments on other blogs, but it really seemed to make sense.  After all, Majok had been rumored to have had some involvement with Josh Nochimson, the key figure in several of the allegations.  This idea was embraced by some, and met with skepticism by many.

Based on the way that Majok and his agent are acting, my money’s on Majok being involved.  That would really also mean the issues are more serious than presumed, because it then would mean that UConn played part of last season with an ineligible player.  It would certainly move beyond too many phone calls and impermissible text messages.

Stay tuned…

Borges story appears here:


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