UConn submits response to NCAA

UConn confirmed that the University responded to the NCAA allegations yesterday.  Indications are that the document needs to be reviewed, and some parts redacted before it is provided to the public.  The Connecticut Post commented that, according to a UConn source, an “abridged” version may be available for review next week.  I’m not sure whether “abridged” is different from one that has parts redacted, and it’s an interesting comment, because I read on cbssports.com that a UConn spokesman said that the document would not be released piecemeal.

Also according to cbssports.com, “The Associated Press filed a Freedom of Information request Tuesday seeking the summary pages of the report. Under state law, the school has 10 days to respond.”  So it seems that at the the outside, we will see some information by September 17th.

If it’s anything like the redacted version of the original NCAA document, it will be very difficult to assess UConn’s response to the individual charges.  The original document had so many sections blacked out that it was very difficult to follow, and it was difficult to understand who was accused of what — hence the confusion about whether there were any allegations regarding the recruitment of Ater Majok.

I would think that it’s in Connecticut’s best interest to report the news as quickly as possible.  In the past two weeks, we’ve seen a recruit claim that UConn has lost its scholarships, and had another rather abruptly drop the Huskies from his list.  The sooner that UConn provides the response, the sooner that the Huskies can start the damage control.


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