UConn’s NCAA response due today

Today is the day, after two extensions, that the University of Connecticut is scheduled to provide their response to the NCAA concerning recruiting allegations.  The University is expected to address all of the allegations, and to put forth a plan to address them.  The assumption is that the plan will include self-imposed penalties (perhaps loss of scholarships, recruiting restrictions and/or a post season ban) as well as a plan to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.  Both of those topics are typically used to convince the NCAA that a university understands and agrees with the issues and is taking them seriously, and is also an attempt to head off more serious punishment, a la USC football.

According to various columnists, the response to the NCAA will need to be reviewed thoroughly by outside interests before releasing the contents to the public.  It will be interesting to see whether any of the response is addressed by ‘multiple sources close to the program’, which seems to be the case with every other basketball issue.

I, for one, expect the Huskies to give up a couple of scholarships for at least a couple of years.  I do not expect the Huskies to self-impose a post season ban, unless they played last year with a player that turns out to have had eligibility issues.  Nate Miles, the main focus of the investigation, never played for the Huskies.  Unless Ater Majok gets wrapped up in the investigation, I do not expect this will be the case.  There has never been even a whisper about the other freshman, but Majok’s name used to come up in discussions about Josh Nochimson.


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