Josiah Turner no longer considering the Huskies

On August 11th, the Hartford Courant reported that California guard Josiah Turner was planning an official visit to UConn on September 10th — this according to “a source”.   Turner is rated by rivals as the 12th best prospect in the Class of 2011 and the 2nd best point guard.

Yesterday, according to ZagsBlog, Turner has taken UConn off of his list.

It’s surprising to me that in 3 weeks, UConn has gone from one of Turner’s favorites, and his first scheduled official visit, to off of his list entirely.  Even if you believe that UConn stands to lose scholarships, they should have one or two to offer, and point guard is a primary target with the presumed loss of Kemba Walker.

Of course, the “source” may not have known what he/she was talking about, either.

As painful as the response to the NCAA may be on Friday, it seems that the best thing for UConn is to just get it over with — it seems right now that the speculation may turn out to be worse than the facts themselves, and right now, coaches must be lining up to tell recruits the worst possible scenarios about the Huskies.  Of course, I’m also not sure why Turner couldn’t have waiting another week to hear the facts, either…


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