More on Chol, Majok and the upcoming response to the NCAA

David Borges of the New Haven Register weighed in today on the Angelo Chol saga, potential sanctions, and Ater Majok:

On Chol, he points out that it’s Twitter, the word of a high school, and mentions Twitter again.

On potential sanctions, he cites attorney Michael Buckner, who, according to the Hartford Courant is “…a Florida attorney who has represented numerous schools investigated by the NCAA and has worked as an NCAA consultant.”  Buckner believes that the NCAA generally docks two scholarships per athlete involved in recruiting violations.  That would mean two, if the allegations regarding Nate Miles are deemed to be true.  He allows, however, for the possibility of losing more scholarships.

Buckner also sees a postseason ban as possible, but unlikely.

Regarding Ater Majok, Borges states:

“Now, throw all this out the window if Majok’s potential departure has anything to do with recruiting violations involving him. A UConn source categorically denies that is the case. If it is, however, the Huskies are in some trouble: unlike Nate Miles, of course, Majok actually did play for the team. Honest.”

That’s a local UConn columnist allowing for the possibility that Majok is leaving due to recruiting violations.  Even Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant alludes to the possibility, and also states that a UConn source has denied that it is the case.

Look, despite being picked up on two other sites for advancing this theory, I’m not claiming that it’s true, just that it’s one possibility.  Just wondering why a guy who stated only last month (the quote from the Courant was: ” Majok said in July he couldn’t envision a scenario that would make him consider leaving UConn early, such as an opportunity to play professionally in Australia.” ) that he was staying at UConn suddenly writes, ‘ “life can take unexpected turns.. there is nothing i can do about it all i can do is keep my head up and keep working hard…” ‘  Just sounds to me more like a guy who’s getting pushed than a guy who’s leaving to go make money.

Borges’ column appears here:


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