Andre Drummond Update

Mike Anthony of the Hartford Courant reports that coveted 2012 recruit Andre Drummond may reclassify and become part of the Class of 2011.

Drummond, a center who is currently the top ranked player in the Class of 2012, would obviously be a great catch for the Huskies.  While UConn generally has difficulty landing players ranked this high, Drummond is from Middletown, and has played high school ball in Hartford and currently plays at St. Thomas More in Oakdale, CT.  He is reported to be a fan of the Huskies and to have played pickup games frequently at UConn, but as the top ranked recruit he will likely be able to go to any school he wants to.

It is rumored that Drummond will announce his list sometime later this month.  Right now, has his list as: Connecticut, Duke, Georgetown, Louisville, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh.

It’s not clear to me whether there has been talk of Drummond reclassifying, or whether Mike Anthony simply believes it’s inevitable due to NCAA regulations, which he quotes in the article.  I’m not quite sure I follow the logic.

UConn will have at least two scholarships available for 2011-2012, those of Charles Okwandu and Donnell Beverly.  Presumably, there will be a third, if Kemba Walker leaves early.  The catch, however, is that it will be difficult for the Huskies to hand out a scholarship to more than one front court player, because they’re already pretty thin in the back court.  And that all presumes that the Huskies do not lose any scholarships after the final NCAA ruling on the recruiting allegations.


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