Andre Drummond Update

Two good stories about Andre Drummond today, one from ZagsBlog and the other from the Hartford Courant.

Drummond, of course, is the player from St. Thomas More in Connecticut, who just happens to currently be ranked as the top player in the Class of 2012.

It was earlier reported that UConn was firmly in the lead for Drummond, then Drummond appeared to deny having any favorites.  He has yet to release even a list of schools that he is considering.

But according to quote on ZagsBlog attribute to his high school coach:

“But he’s always liked Connecticut and he’s always liked Coach [Jim] Calhoun and he’s always liked the idea of staying close to home.”

Drummond himself acknowledges that he would like to stay close to home.  But that could mean BC, Syracuse, St. Johns…  But at least, for the moment, UConn appears to be in the game.

The Courant story covers a lot of the same topics, but quotes his AAU coach as saying that Drummond is one of the most humble kids around.

‘ “…I think for a 16-year-old kid and all the hype he’s been getting, he’s probably the most humble kid I’ve ever been around. A lot of kids who are highly ranked have big entourages and it’s very hard to help kids sometimes because they just get Hollywood on you.” ‘

From my perspective, that comment is encouraging when you’re recruiting against the Kentuckys of the world, where recruits seem determined to make a big splash and be ‘the man’.  Not sure how it helps if you’re recruiting against Duke, UNC, Kansas. Syracuse and Michigan State — though perhaps most of those schools are not geographically desirable.

The Courant story does mention a couple of other interesting points — that Drummond has played a lot of pickup games at Gampel, and that the Huskies are recruiting him hard, and rumored to be pushing for an early commitment. 

Still, a lot can change between now and the time that Drummond commits.

  • Calhoun could retire, or the NCAA could come down hard on the Huskies. 
  • He could turn out to not be one of the better players in the class.
  • The NBA could change the rules, and he could skip college.

Finally, I found it interesting that three different websites have different physical descriptions for Drummond. lists him as 6’9″ 251.

The Courant lists his height as 6’10”.

ZagsBlog has him at 6’11” 265.

Presumably, this is just because he’s 16 and still growing.  But I see a lot of players that are listed at 6’11” that turn out to be ‘only’ ‘6’9″, so it just makes me wonder…

The Courant and ZagsBlog stories appear here:

Courant story about Andre Drummond

ZagsBlog story on Andre Drummond


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