The return of the Dove

No, not Nadav Henefeld, it’s Jon Mandeldove.

It seems that, despite the signing of German big man Enosch Wolf, Mandeldove may still be on the team next season.  According to the New Haven Register, Mandeldove is planning on paying his own way next season. which could allow him to be on the team.  No official word from Connecticut whether this will actually happen.

David Borges also reports that Ater Majok is looking good in summertime pickup games (but UConn seems to have a history of big men that look great in practice but fizzle in games, such as Ajou Deng, Charles Okwandu and Majok himself.

Borges also quotes Donnell Beverly, who describes Shabazz Napier as the best of the incoming recruits thus far (I’m not clear on whether this includes Roscoe Smith; I do not recall reading whether he’s on campus).    Jim Calhoun was quoted in the Hartford Courant a while back that Napier reminds him of Khalid El-Amin — I assume he means his confidence and toughness, because I’m not sure how the 6’1″, 160 lb Napier could remind anyone of El-Amin, who was listed at 5’10” , 200 lbs during his playing days — and there is no way he only weighed 200 lbs.

The Register and Courant articles appear here:

David Borges talks about Jon Mandeldove, Shabazz Napier, and more

Jim Calhoun talks about Shabazz Napier


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