Fran Fraschilla on Niels Giffey, Enosch Wolf

According to ZagsBlog, “Nobody knows European talent better than ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla.”

With that in mind, here are Fraschilla’s thoughts on Enosch Wolf and Niels Giffey:

“The big guy would be a Top 200 prospect here in the States,” Fraschilla said of Wolf. “He’s a ways off. He’s not on the national team. He’s not really on their radar. He’s probably 6-11 1/2, 7 -feet. He’s fairly skilled, thin, needs to bulk up. He runs fair. He’s an intriguing prospect but shouldn’t be a factor for a while.

“Giffey is a very good, athletic 6-6  swingman that can shoot the ball. He would probably be a Top 100 prospect if he was coming out of high school now.

My comment: if Wolf is only a Top 200 caliber prospect, he’s a waste of a scholarship.  The Huskies would have been better served to save a scholarship for next season, especially with the possibility of losing one or two scholarships after the NCAA rules on recruiting violations.  The last thing the Huskies need is yet another front court project (joining Ater Majok, Charles Okwandu, Michael Bradley, and perhaps to a lesser extent, Alex Oriakhi and Tyler Olander).

Why do the Huskies always seem to feel that they need to use every available scholarship every season?  Jim Calhoun will typically play only 8 or 9 players.  I understand that some of these guys may turn out to be diamonds in the rough, but with the exception of Hilton Armstrong and perhaps Gavin Edwards, I can’t think of another guy that started out  with a low ranking that really turned into a contributor.

Giffey, on the other, seems like a decent get.

Of course, in two years, when Wolf is dominating and Giffey turns out to be lousy, I will be forced to eat my words!

Here’s a link to the ZagsBlog article, though I’ve pretty much excerpted all of the relevant details already:

ZagsBlog: Fran Fraschilla on Enosch Wolf, Niels Giffey


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