More on Enosch Wolf

I watched some YouTube video (there are 3 posted) of Wolf yesterday, and came to the following startling conclusions:

  1. He’s left handed.
  2. He can dunk.  Wow, a 7-footer that can dunk!
  3. He can rebound.  Same comment.
  4. He can block shots.  Same comment.
  5. The most impressive plays I saw him make were a couple of steals, where he drives the length of the court and scores.  He seems to handle the ball decently for a 7-footer.

Search for “Enosch Wolf” on YouTube and you’ll easily find the videos.  ‘Enosch’ is the correct spelling.

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this guy.  Remember:

  • These are highlight clips, not full game tapes.
  • Who knows how good the high-school competition in Germany is?
  • Anyone remember the box score from Alex Oriakhi’s first exhibition game against American International?  16 points, 16 rebounds on 7-9 shooting in 27 minutes.  The point being, let’s see how he does against Division 1 competition.

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