UConn AD Jeff Hathaway Rumored to be a Candidate at Maryland

Desmond Connor of the Hartford Courant, citing a Washington Post article, speculates that UConn Athletic Director Jeffrey Hathaway could be in line to replace Debbie Yow as the Athletic Director at the University of Maryland.  Yow has moved on to become the athletic director at N.C. State.

Hathaway is a Maryland alum, and had a number of positions in the athletic department there as from 1982-1990 prior to joining the Huskies.

If this move were to happen, it would likely add fuel to the fire — the ongoing feud between Jim Calhoun and Maryland coach Gary Williams.  Even prior to the current recruiting scandal, Hathaway was said to not be a fan of Calhoun — can you imagine Hathaway, with inside information, talking with Williams?

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Hathaway, despite the awards that he’s won.   Perhaps I’m selling him short — UConn has had significant success during his tenure — but I’m in the camp that says he was fortunate to have inherited a situation where the coaches of the three major sports — Football and Men’s and Women’s basketball — were already in place.  He has not had to conduct a national coaching search to replace a coach in one these three sports, which will be a real challenge when it happens.  And with Jim Calhoun’s retirement not that many years in the future, I’m not convinced that Hathaway is taking, or allowing, the proper steps to happen now.

Perhaps I’m only hearing well-crafted stories from his antagonists, but it also seems that major decisions have been delayed because of Hathaway’s travel schedule.  I kept hearing that in regards to Calhoun’s contract, and now I’m hearing it in regards to the delays in announcing the hiring of the new Assistant Coach and Director of Basketball Operations.  With Calhoun’s contract, it’s possible that this was a smokescreen to hold off as long as possible while waiting for the NCAA Notice of Allegations — but the delay in signing a new contract — rumored to be just a formality for approximately 6 months — seems to have hurt recruiting efforts.

I’m not going to be too upset if the rumor turns out to be true — UConn will find a new AD and move on.

Connor’s blog appears here:

Desmond Connor on Jeff Hathaway


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