Top 2012 Recruit Not a Lock For the Huskies

If the decommitment of Maurice Harkless isn’t enough to throw cold water on UConn’s recruiting efforts, consider this:

Top 2012 recruit Andre Drummond from Oakdale, Connecticut, has now made it clear that fans shouldn’t assume that he would sign with UConn.

While it’s not exactly startling that the #1 ranked recruit in the sophomore class would still be leaving his options open at this point, it’s a bit of a letdown from the earlier reports that were along the lines of ‘Drummonds list starts and ends with Connecticut’.

He is expected to publish his list later this summer.

Here’s a quote from ZagsBlog regarding Drummond and the Huskies:

‘There has been much speculation that Drummond could wind up at UConn because he lives and attends school in Connecticut, but Drummond says people shouldn’t assume that.

“That’s not the case,” Drummond said. “I go to some of their games. Other than that I don’t really go up to UConn for anything.” ‘

Realistically, if I were the top recruit in 2012, even if I was from Connecticut and the Huskies were my favorite team, I’d be keeping my options open at this point.  A lot can change in two years, especially considering the cloud currently hanging over the UConn program.  Here’s hoping the cloud dissipates, and Andre Drummond comes on board.

According to, Drummond was being recruited by Patrick Sellers, so it could be that he was leaning towards the Huskies but the departure of Sellers has impacted his recruitment.  Of course it could also be that he really has never had a favorite, but he is speaking up for the first time.

It may also turn out that by 2012, Drummond is no longer the top recruit, or even in the Top 10.  My recollection may be faulty, but I thought that Edmund Saunders, also from Connecticut, was the top rated recruit nationally during his sophomore season, before slipping somewhat — the only reference I can find is that he ended up as a Top 50 recruit, and if he was once the #1 rated player, he certainly didn’t play up to it at UConn as a good, not great player.  Still, I’d be surprised if  Drummond doesn’t turn out to be a pretty good player.

For what it’s worth, Drummond is said by his high school coach to be high on several Big East programs, including UConn, Villanova and West Virginia, with Pitt also mentioned.  However, he has also taken unofficial visits to UNC and Duke, while at a tournament.

Full text from ZagsBlog appears here:


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