Kid Drinking Beer at Phillies Game?

Okay, it’s a bit off topic, but…

Did everyone see the video of the 4 year old kid drinking out of what appeared to be a beer bottle during Sunday’s Phillies’ game against the Padres?

I’m still waiting to hear if, in true Philadelphia tradition, he got drunk, cussed at the Padres’ fans in the stands, booed Santa Claus, then ran out on the field and was tasered by security.  Too bad they don’t still have the court that used to be in the bowels of the Vet, where they used to try offenders during the games — or do they have something similar in Citizen’s Bank Park.

Seriously, isn’t it more likely that the bottle is either empty or was filled with water?

Here’s the link to the video shown on the Today Show (for the record, I’m thinking this version has a better chance of staying on YouTube):

Kid “Drinking beer” at Phillies Game


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