Terrence Jones Finally Commits — To Kentucky

As I have speculated, when it was time to actually sign on the dotted line, Terrence Jones changed his mind and signed with Kentucky.

Just 3 weeks ago, he gave a verbal commitment to the University of Washington, pairing up with high school teammate Terrence Ross.

Right after that announcement, he spoke with John Calipari, and seemed to be wavering.  However, he continued to state that he was committed to Washington, but not ready to sign the paperwork.  Even his high school coach seemed convinced that he would sign with Washington.

I was convinced that Jones would change his mind and sign with Kentucky.  Why? Because the longer he went without signing, the more it seemed that he was unhappy with Washington, the more time that Calipari had to turn him, and quite frankly, because some of this just reeks of Calipari showmanship.  Kentucky started the late signing period with a bang, getting written commitments from Brandon Knight and Enes Kanter and a verbal from Michael Gilchrist, the top player in the Class of 2011.  Now Kentucky has capped of the signing period with a commitment from the top remaining player, and taken him away from the school to whom he had verbally committed.

Or perhaps Terrence Jones just wanted to raise his own profile.  He certainly has received an incredible amount of attention over the last 3 weeks, probably more so than 13th ranked player would normally received.  Did Kemba Walker receive this much attention coming out of school as the 14th ranked player of 2008?

Frankly, while I understand that these are just kids that have difficult decisions to make, there’s a part of me that will not be too upset if this kid flops at Kentucky.  I doubt that will happen, but I will not shed any tears if it does.  Or if John Calipari leaves Kentucky for the NBA and leaves these recruits holding the bag…


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