UConn’s Men’s Basketball Future

Good story on ncaabasketball.fanhouse.com about the future of Connecticut Men’s Basketball, but with a deceptive title:

“Jim Calhoun’s Back, but UConn’s Future Still Hazy”

Frankly, when I read the article, it didn’t seem all that negative.  The most negative part of the article mentions that 7 of the top 8 players from the recent Final Four team are now gone.  However, it talks about the highly ranked recruiting class (20th in the nation, 2nd in the Big East, according to the article — though Shabazz Napier is described as a highly rated power forward, instead of a point guard), the opinion that recruits are coming into an uncertain situation with their eyes wide open, and that the graduating seniors may be addition by subtraction (something that I wholeheartedly agree with).

IMHO, the haziest part of the future has more to do with the repercussions from Big Ten expansion, which is not discussed in the article.

Full text appears here:

Ncaabasketball.fanhouse.com Article on the Future of the UConn Huskies


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