John Calipari Dismisses NBA Rumors

John Calipari has announced that he is staying at Kentucky.  That has to be one of the most worthless statements ever uttered.

In a world where baseball manager Trey Hillman was given the dreaded “vote of confidence” one day, then fired the next day, how much stock should anybody put into what people say?

To complete the thought, here is what Kansas City Royals General Manager Drayton Moore had to say about Hillman the day before he fired him, (quote from

“Trey is a tremendous leader,” Kansas City general manager Drayton Moore told the Kansas City Star, “somebody who is very consistent with who is he is day in and day out. He’s exactly what our organization needs at this point in time.”

Besides, what exactly is Calipari going to say?  “I’m waiting to see how the LeBron James situation plays out.”  “I’m waiting to see if someone will offer me $10M a year to coach in the NBA.”

Announcing that he’s staying at Kentucky may be the truth.  On the other hand, it’s a totally obvious, self-serving statement.  By announcing that he’s staying, he keeps recruits on the hook until the last possible moment.  By doing so, he improves his position if he stays, and he gives himself more leverage if some team wants to recruit him to the NBA.

Please.  In computer terms, this statement is the equivalent of “garbage in, garbage out.”  What else is he going to say?  He can continue to tell people every day that he’s staying, and then he’ll leave amidst comments that will sound like, “I love Kentucky.  My 13 months here were the best time of my life.  I love my players.  I had every intention of staying.  But the [winners of the LeBron Jame sweepstakes] made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  It’s an opportunity to join a first-class organization, to coach and compete at the highest levels of basketball, and to coach the greatest player of all time.”

Personally, I’d love to see him leave Kentucky for the NBA.  I see him as an extraordinary recruiter but an ordinary coach.  In the NBA, where coaching is more important (and recruiting is left to attracting marquee players that still need to fit under the salary cap), I don’t see him being a huge success.


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