Calipari to the Cavaliers?

There have been rumors floating out there for a while that John Calipari could jump to the NBA for next season.  Some of the speculation centers around the coaching position in Cleveland, where Calipari was recently spotted sitting behind the bench during a playoff game.  One thought is that if Calipari signs on, LeBron James will stay.

How ironic would it be if the coach of One-and-done U. were himself to jump to the NBA after only one season?

Personally, I’d love to see Calipari back in the NBA, where he can not simply amass the best collection of talent by outrecruiting the  other teams.  Unlike college basketball, Calipari would need to deal with a salary cap, which limits the amount of talent that can be accumulated.   And with a lesser disparity in talent between the pro teams, Calipari would need to depend on his coaching skills.


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