Terrence Jones and Kadeem Jack

There’s no real news here, other than a comment that I read that says that this saga could drag out beyond the May 19th end of signing period.

Evidently, there’s no NCAA rule that says that a player must sign a letter of intent.  So Jones could have Washington sign a financial aid agreement that can include a scholarship, effectively guaranteeing him a scholarship — but other schools could still recruit him.

The bottom line: Jones could force Washington to give him the financial aid guarantee, then anytime between now and the start of school, John Calipari could steal him away.  Now I’m not sure that Kentucky (or any other school) is allowed to contact him during this period (or parts of this period), but he could still decide to go to Kentucky.

Jones still says he’s committed to Washington (as written in the Oregonian) but that he’s not ready to sign anything.

Let’s hope that Jones signs his LOI and removes all of the ambiguity.

Finally, a brief Kadeem Jack ‘update’.  I read, but can no longer find the post, that Kadeem Jack may end up signing with North Carolina during his upcoming official visit.  Again, this is perhaps less than startling news given how close we are to the end of the signing period.

What does it say about UConn that a player would turn down the Huskies to go to prep school, but as soon as North Carolina and Kentucky come calling, he’s ready to go right to college?  Kentucky is an especially interesting choice — how do you go from thinking you need a year of prep school to wanting to attend One-and-done U?


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